About Us

What is WagerAlarm?

WagerAlarm.com is the sports wagering industries premiere odds tracking and information web site and the only that provides near real-time alerts allowing its users to track all line movements at over 30 of the world's most popular sportsbooks. WagerAlarm was created for sports gamblers by sports gamblers who were tired of having to sit at the sportsbook or be tied to their computer to track the constant changes in sports odds.

Our mission is to assist both the serious and casual sports gamblers better their odds against the house by ALWAYS getting the best line when you bet. Our proprietary "push" technology tracks spors odds information and will text and/or email you up to the minute information related to any game and/or line you want to track. WA provides gamblers with an edge by allowing time to access information that will give them the best betting odds at any moment or track specific line movements and be notified when their line hits. If you are providing sportsbooking services yourself this service will allow you to be able to track line movements and be away from the computer when you provide odds to customers.

Competitive Advantage

WA users benefit from being able to closely monitor sports betting lines to ensure they alwasy get the most favorable line available. Users will never again have to sit at the sportsbook or in front of your computer waiting for the line to change. You will be notified in real time when your number hits or be able to quickly track where the best line is at for any game, you will make better informed bets; you will DOMINATE the BOOK..

What You Get:

  • Real-time SMS (text) and email notification capability providing line changes and other critical information within seconds of information being released.
  • Track the point spread, money line and/or the over/under for pro and college football, basketball and baseballl.
  • Track specific line targest or all line movement for as many games and at as many casinos as your subscirption allows.
  • Fee live odds from over 20 Las Vegas and nternatinal sportsbooks always availalbe.
  • Sports gambling information¬† and free picks.