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WM Investing - College & NFL Week 10 Free Plays

Posted by Admin on 9 November 2012 | 0 Comments

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Here are the fee plays from our friends over at WM Investing.  If you have not already, please go check them out. 

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Can Anyone Beat Alabama?

Posted by Tom Blaz on 24 October 2012 | 2069 Comments

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Can Mississippi State knock off the mightly Crimson Tide? Both teams arrive at 7-0 on the season, but Alabama is a 24 point favorite! 'Bama is playing at home and will certainly put the Bulldogs to the test. Five other unbeaten teams feel they are championship worthy, Florida, Kansas State, Oregon,  Notre Dame and Oregon State. We don't want to alienate anyone, so a tip of the cap to three other unbeatens; Rutgers, Louisville and Ohio. We were 3-3 in our picks last week, winning on Alabama, Florida and Miami, while losing on West Virginia, Notre Dame and Texas A&M.

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SEC Headlines NCAA Action..... As Usual

Posted by Tom Blaz on 19 October 2012 | 330 Comments

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While a case might be able to made that the Southeastern Conference isn't as dominant from top to bottom as in recent years, it remains without rival at the top. Can anyone beat Alabama? That is a question that many are asking, and few are answering in the affirmative. While on the subject of the best of the best, Florida has snuck back up into consideration among the elite. South Carolina and Georgia were there, but the round robin, self infliction tour continues, leaving still more questions.... than answers.

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Week Seven In College Football

Posted by Tom Blaz on 10 October 2012 | 4469 Comments

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We were 4-3 last week as College Football roared into October. We hit on Oregon, West Virginia, Notre Dame and Florida. Those four remain unbeaten and are among the elite at this early juncture in the 2012 season. We were not so lucky on Georgia, Auburn and Nebraska. We did learn from those mistakes as South Carolina is the real deal, Auburn's problems are much deeper than we expected and Urban Meyer has brought  SEC style play to the B1G 10.

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2012 Five Game Parlay - Week 5

Posted by Ted Schuster on 6 October 2012 | 23 Comments

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This crew is really due for a winning week from everyone has no one even mustered a winning record in Week 4. There are far too many quality football minds in this group to have such bad records through the first 4 weeks. Jeff Mans once started a season at 19-1 so a hot streak should be coming in the near future. Let’s take a look at our Week 5 predictions and feel free to attack us on twitter.

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Bring On October!

Posted by Tom Blaz on 3 October 2012 | 221 Comments

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When is college football going to get rid of the preseason polls that come out in the Summer? The answer is never, but year in and year out they prove to be way off. The problem I have with the early polls is that they put teams that prove worthy of being at or near the top with a long road to haul, especially if they start off back in the polls or even unranked. As we head into October games, Alabama is clearly the top team in the nation and appears focusd and capable of extending the Southeastern Conference dominance with the  crystal trophy.

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2012 Five Game Parlay - Week 4

Posted by Ted Schuster on 30 September 2012 | 3827 Comments

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The way Jeff Mans and Michael Stein have been picking you may want to just bet against them as they are both sitting at 4-11 through the first 3 weeks. I expect both of them get things going this week. There are just two people above .500 currently so there is work to be done. It appears there is ground to be made up this week with myself going against what most others are thinking. Here are the Week 4 Parlay Picks.

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2012 Five Game Parlay - Week 3

Posted by Ted Schuster on 23 September 2012 | 0 Comments


It was a rough a week for all but one person in the 5 game parlay as somehow I managed to go 4-0-1. Michael Stein was playing injured and had a brutal 0-5 week but should hopefully rebound this week. Dew and Hannah both just missed a productive week at 2-3 and Jeff struggled with a 1-4 record as his lock of the week in New England lost a stunner. Here are our Week 3 Five game Parlay Picks.

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2012 Five Game Parlay Picks - Week 2

Posted by Ted Schuster on 15 September 2012 | 14 Comments

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Each and every week we here are wageralarm.com will try to get you some of our best plays of the week. It was a very mediocre week by every team in Week 1 of the NFL. No one person was able to do much to establish much of a lead as middle of the road was the name of the game. All of the competitors are looking for a strong Week 2 in our 5 team parlay picks.

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WM Investing - College & NFL Week 2 Free Plays

Posted by on 14 September 2012 | 18 Comments


MR W College Football -  We have the Midshipmen traveling to Penn State and Navy is currently listed as a six point underdog.  It's safe to say both teams are going through some changes.  Navy is now starting a quarterback who is capable of throwing the ball, which is something of a drastic change compared to the previous years.  Navy's first game this year was a blowout loss to the Irish in which mistakes were in abundance for the Midshipmen.  Since head coach Brian Kelly has taken over at Notre Dame they have been pounding Navy, so it's fair to say Kelly understands how to exploit this team.  To exploit Navy's defense you protect your quarterback and let him go after single coverage on the outside.  Teams like Notre Dame, who have big receivers along with a big offensive line, are what Navy struggles with.  The big question for this game is can Penn State throw the ball?

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