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Posted by Tom Blaz on 11 February 2012 | 869 Comments

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35 years ago, a group of my friends from high school and I decided to check out a new prep All-Star game at the old Capital Centre. You may remember the "Cap Centre" where the Bullets and Caps used to play in the Maryland suburbs of DC. The year was 1977, and the game was the first McDonald's All-American game. The game drew the top talent in the land from the very start. Back in the early years, the "National" team would play against a "DC Metro" all-star team. With its debut in the Washington DC area, it was originally known as the McDonald's Capital Classic. A giant guard heading to Michigan State played in that first classic, his name was Earvin Johnson.

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Kyle Anderson St. Anthony (Jersey City, N.J.) SF UCLA
DaJuan Coleman Jamesville-Dewitt (DeWitt, N.Y.) C Syracuse
Kris Dunn New London (New London, Conn.) PG Providence
Perry Ellis Wichita Heights (Wichita, Kan.) PF Kansas
Shaq Goodwin Southwest DeKalb (Decatur, Ga.) PF Memphis
Gary Harris Hamilton Southeastern (Fishers, Ind.) SG Michigan State
Amile Jefferson Friends' Central (Wynnewood, Pa.) PF  
Tyler Lewis Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.) PG N.C. State
Tony Parker Miller Grove (Lithonia, Ga.) PF  
Alex Poythress Northeast (Clarksville, Tenn.) SF Kentucky
Rodney Purvis Upper Room Christian Academy (Raleigh, N.C.) SG N.C. State
T.J. Warren Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, N.H.) SF N.C. State



Brandon Ashley Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.) PF Arizona
Isaiah Austin Grace Prep (Arlington, Texas) C Baylor
Anthony Bennett Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.) PF  
Yogi Ferrell Park Tudor (Indianapolis) PG Indiana
Archie Goodwin Sylvan Hills (Sherwood, Ark.) SG Kentucky
Grant Jerrett La Verne Lutheran (La Verne, Calif.) PF Arizona
Shabazz Muhammad Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) SF  
Marcus Paige Linn-Mar (Marion, Iowa) PG North Carolina
Devonta Pollard Kemper County (De Kalb, Miss.) PF  
Cameron Ridley Bush (Fort Bend, Texas) C Texas
Marcus Smart Marcus (Flower Mound, Texas) SG Oklahoma State
Rasheed Sulaimon Strake Jesuit (Houston) SG Duke


The McDonald's All-American game tips off at 930pm, Wednesday March 28th on ESPN from Chicago's United Center.


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