Welcome to the Wager Alarm Playstation 5 Giveaway!


We are so excited about our new and improved Wager Alarm we are giving away a PS5 to one lucky winner just for checking out some of the things we offer and the analysts that work hard every day to help turn your wagers into winners. 

It is entirely FREE to enter, and you have already taken the first time to earn yourself a ticket just by being here on WagerAlarm.com.


Here is how it works


You can do 11 different things, and each item is worth a ticket(s) into the drawing. You can earn up to and even over 45 tickets by following the steps listed below.


How to earn tickets


  1. You get a ticket just by being on WagerAlarm.com. That’s right, click the link below and click the first step and earn your first ticket.
  2. Purchasing a Wager Alarm subscription will get you the most tickets in one step, earning you a whopping 15 tickets just for completing this task. Plus, we will turn your wagers into winners with our picks passes, so really, you have nothing to lose.
  3. Subscribe to our email list to get updates on Wager Alarm, free picks, and other offers, and earn yourself two more tickets.
  4. Join the Wager Alarm social community by sending a tweet about the contest and/or following us along with some critical Wager Alarm analysts on Twitter, and you can earn up to 6 more tickets.
  5. Share with your friends (1 ticket each). The more you share with, the more tickets you can get.
  6. YOUR BEST CHANCE TO WIN! Complete all the tasks and get 20 bonus tickets just for doing everything we asked.


It is that easy. Click the button below to start earning your tickets for your chance to win your very own ps5 from us here at Wager Alarm. 


Note: All entries are being monitored and verified for fraudulent emails, names, and identities and thrown out before the drawing on February 15th. 




Thank you and good luck,

Edward Raus

CMO, Wager Alarm