Howard Bender and Craig Mish are competing in the Golden Nugget's Ultimate Football Challenge!

Each week, they will make seven (7) picks against the spread between the week's NFL games and NCAA college football games as well.

You can watch them discuss the spreads every Tuesday night at 8pm ET and then watch them finalize their picks every Friday night at 9pm ET on the Wager Alarm Livestream.

To verify the boys are putting their money where their mouths are, they will post their ticket right here every week and will track their place in the standings all season.

Last week they went 3-4. They were 2-2 on college picks but went 1-2 in the NFL.The overall record is 25-23-1. They're still above 50% and still climbing, but need to continue with a strong week. 

Here's the ticket for Week 8: