Introducing Serving the Sports Bettors

Most of you think that we are launching Wager Alarm in response to the SCOTUS opinion earlier this year. 


First, the SCOTUS opinion wasn’t a magic wand that made sports betting legal in all states in America.  It made gambling NOT illegal if your state has regulations and taxation laws in place.  There are only five states that have laws like this right now and Pennsylvania is so cost prohibitive that it can barely be called a law. It is more like a guideline.  It is expected that twenty states will have laws by the end of 2019 and almost all states by the end of 2023. 

Wager Alarm was founded in 2010 as an alert service for lines changes with an app that gave you notifications.  We licensed that app and technology to a Las Vegas based company, so we could focus on fantasy sports.  We got the technology back in 2016 but needed to stay focused on fantasy sports.  Now is the time to bring it back but invest to have a full-featured content-rich stat-supported customizable web experience for all sports bettors using what we learned from the last five years with Fantasy Alarm.

Our approach will be the same as with our daily fantasy sports subscribers at Our goal is to super serve the sports bettor, so they can learn, play and WIN their wagering.  Wager Alarm will NOT be a picks service but one that provides analytics and education delivered in the entertaining way.

Since, most states are not legal yet, we will listen to our customers and layer on services as we go to support their learning process to make them better sports bettors.  We will invest in both infrastructure (tools) and talent to deliver content products that include analysis tools all in the same features like we do on for the fantasy sports player.  So make sure you tell us what you want by writing to

The pillars of WagerAlarm will be two “Playbooks”.  First, there is our Pickbook product for each sport which will be the best games of the day to bet on with data integrated plus the written analysis from our experts overlaid all in one page.  Then, we will focus on our Propbook.  The Propbooks will deliver the best props on the board and our suggestions of how to play them.

So thanks for checking us out and we won’t let you down.